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Shelter Logic Peak Style Greenhouse 6ft x 6ft

Super- reliable and durable plant-protecting structure, weather-hardy to the UK and robust with a 35mm (1 1/2in) high-grade steel frame with premium powder coat finish resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. ShelterComes with triple-layer, heat-bonded rip-stop translucent cover that is both waterproof and UV-treated inside and out which provides enhanced illumination designed specifically for optimum plant crop growth and the best of protection against adverse weather. Rest assured that your Shelter Logic Peak Style Greenhouse will stand up to all weathers. Patent Pending ShelterLock®3X Steel Stabilizers ensure rock-solid stability against strong gusts of wind and delivers a stable, more durable shelter. With integrated EasyFlowTM side panels that provide airflow and temperature control so your developing crops get the best growing environment and plentiful air-flow for healthy development. You can depend on its convenient and handy bungee fasteners to hold sides open that hook and loop fast for extra security. Dimensions: 1.8m x 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft x 6ft)

RRP £179.99

Walk-In Wonderwall

The walk-in wonderwall is a netted brassica/vegetable growing tunnel. It is a NO GO area for pigeons / cabbage white butterfly and caterpillars, also, prevents slugs and snails from entering. Its design gives crops protection from strong winds, whilst allowing rain and sunlight to penetrate with ease Thus, making it an ideal growing environment for all vegetables, improving the quality and quantity of your produce.
WonderwallThe Wonderwall requires no base and no specialist tools for installation. Installation takes 2 – 3 hours for 1 – 2 people. Easy to follow instructions, with full colour photographs of each stage of installation. Standard width 3.5 metres (11ft 4) height 1.9 metres (6ft 3) lengths from
2 metres upwards, other widths available from 2.5 metres to 4 metres. Can be manufactured to fit raised beds / plots exactly.

RRP From £155