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First Time

First-Time Gardener

A practical guide to planning and planting your first garden. Although excited by the prospect of moving into their own home for the first time, many people are mystified by the prospect of what to do with their outdoor space. Beginning with advice on getting to know your garden – what type of soil you have, what the drainage and light is like – then on getting to know yourself as a gardener – do you want a vegetable patch, an abundance of flowers or simply an extension of your indoor living space? – and then moving on to the design, including hard and soft landscaping and building materials.

Frances Tophill -o- Kyle Books -o- RRP £6.94 from Amazon

Nature's Day

Nature’s Day

An informative and fun introduction to nature for young children. This first book of nature helps young readers to discover the world of wildlife on their doorstep. Beginning in spring, this book revisits nine different places, including the farm, the back garden and the
woods, during each of the four seasons through the year and explores the changing scenery and animal life found there. Informative and fun texts teamed with gorgeous, decorative illustrations make this the perfect book to celebrate each season with.

Kay Maguire Woodland Trust -o- -o- RRP £10.99

Digging Deep

Digging Deep in the Garden: Book 3

The most common sense gardening writing there is. The silence of celebrities on climate chaos… growing your own biofuels to benefit bees… how to run your garden on renewable, modern sunlight… why nature-friendly organic gardening is bad news for big business… how slug pellets are polluting your cup of tea… In this incisive, witty and thought-provoking collection of essays exploring gardening’s place in nature, John Walker challenges gardening’s status quo at a time of unprecedented environmental upheaval, while urging us to garden in ways that are truly green.

John Walker -o- Earth-friendly books -o- RRP Paperback £5

Glorious Shade

Glorious Shade

Gardening with shade-loving plants.
For anyone planning a shade garden this book is a must. This information-rich, hardworking guide is packed with everything you need to successfully garden in the shadiest corners of a yard. You’ll learn how to determine what type of shade you have and how to choose the right plants for the space. It will inspire you to start digging and it shares the techniques, design and maintenance tips that are key to growing a successful shade garden.

Jenny Rose Carey -o- Ebay/Timber Press -o- RRP £13.40