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Keith, Kelvedon

Client Picture
He is in an electric wheelchair user and a keen gardener. He requested raised beds in an L shape with a liner.

He says ‘I just want to say thank you so much for the grant. I’m absolutely over the moon at the finishing product – it is 3ft tall all the way round and the best thing is I don’t have to bend and hurt my back as I just put my arm across to plant.

Thank you Gardening for Disabled Trust from the bottom of my heart …I’m going to start saving for some lovely plants now.’

James, Musselburgh

He is in a wheelchair and has moved to a new council bungalow where the lawn would not have supported his wheelchair and he is a keen gardener. The charity helped him with a grant towards paving and raised beds and the Criminal Justice Unpaid Work Team did the labour.
Client Picture James is able to enjoy gardening again with the slabs and raised beds. This has significantly reduced his feelings of isolation and assisted him in promoting independence. He uses one of his raised beds to grow his own vegetables and the other to grow plants and flowers. Weather permitting, James spends the majority
of his time in his garden and has multiple solar lights so that he can see his garden when its dark.
James says ‘I am more content and plan my way round any obstacles within my garden. I am already working on plans for what I will grow next year! The assistance of the grant from Gardening for Disabled Trust and joint working with Criminal Justice Team has enhanced my quality of life and I am very grateful for all the help I have received.’