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Terri, Honiton

He has chronic fatigue syndrome and can only stand for a couple of minutes and is a keen gardener. He requested raised beds, with a membrane and shingle around.
He says ‘I can’t tell you how pleased I am to finally be able to do some gardening myself… and this morning I’ve found a tiny row of cavolo nero seeds popping up! Everything in these two beds will be edibles. Thank you so much again for giving me the grant that’s helped me regain a bit more independence.’
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Karen, Amersham

She suffers from anxiety and depression along with back issues. She moved into a bungalow where the back garden was overgrown and uneven and her local church helped clear it for her. Gardening for Disabled Trust helped with a grant towards a raised bed. She says ‘The raised bed has been wonderful and productive. It has provided vegetables for the animals, rabbits and guinea pigs and an abundance and tomatoes for me. The garden looks lovely with fruit trees and roses to the back of the bed. Client ImageIt would not have been possible without the grant and I am grateful that your trust works so hard fundraising for gardening projects. Sadly help with gardening is not funded anywhere else (that I know of) yet the joy of watching a small seed grow is wonderful for both young and old, disabled or not. Thank you again and thank you on behalf of all who have received something from your hard work.’