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Pauline, Birmingham

She has mental health problems and is a keen gardener and requested some raised beds and a trolley. She says ‘You will be glad to hear that my raised beds have finally been completed. I have already planned a range of spring flowering shrubs and bulbs.Client Image I have also begun planting some autumn/ winter vegetables and salads. Having the trolley seat has dramatically changed my ability to enjoy my garden greatly. Not only am I able to enjoy gardening using my raised beds, but I am also able to sit down and weed the borders in rest of my garden. My garden has now become my personal sanctuary, especially on days when I’m feeling a little low. I’m now able to enjoy gardening without aggregating my joint pain or causing further injury by falling. Thank you again for the grant; as you can see it has dramatically helped to bring back my joy of gardening and help improve my mental well-being.’
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Andrew, Plymouth

He has heart problems and arthritis and the charity helped him replace his rotten decking with slabs. He had family members and volunteers help to clear the garden first which made the grant go so much further. He wife says ‘I would like to thank you for the help you gave us as this has enabled my husband to be able to move around the garden safely and once again enjoy the time he spends out there. He can now safely reach the bottom of the garden and potter around in his shed, which has lifted his spirits no end. Once again we thank Gardening for Disabled Trust for their help.’