This is how we can help

Adapting private gardens to meet the special needs of the disabled gardener.

Making grants towards tools, raised beds, paving, wheelchair access and greenhouses for disabled gardeners.

Providing help with special gardens in hospitals, centres and schools.

Distributing information on garden aids and techniques.

Providing a forum for disabled gardeners by publishing the Garden Club’s magazine.

Each year the Trust gets involved in lots of enjoyable organising to raise funds to try and maintain its level of grant making. Sadly though, however hard it tries, it can’t manage to keep up with the expectations of it’s clients. The instinct of the Trust is to be generous and it is only limited by its funds, not the willingness of its members to help.

You can see some of the ways that the Trust has helped recently by going to the Client’s News Page on this website. These are just a few of the many good news stories that the Trust has received.