This is how you can help the trust

By making a donation.

By making a small donation online via PayPal or your credit card.

By making a bequest in your Will.

By opening your garden to raise money for the Trust.

Buy goods off the internet by going through the EasyFunraising website.

If you make a donation to Gardening for Disabled Trust we can recover a percentage of the tax amount of your gift through Gift Aid as long as you pay UK Income Tax. You can Click or tap here to download a Donation and Gift Aid form.

Small donations of any amount are always very welcome. You can Click or tap here to donate through Pay Pal or by Credit Card.

You can see a list of events held by the Trust by going to the Events page. If you would like to hold an even on the Trust’s behalf, please use the form on the Contact page and choose “Hold an Event” from the subject dropdown.

If you buy goods through the internet and use the EasyFunrdaising website, they will donate an amount to the Trust each time you buy something. Click or tap here to see the details.

Legacies are a vital source of income for us. If you leave a gift to the Trust in your will it will not count towards the taxable value of your estate and may reduce any Inheritance Tax payable. To do this you will have to either change your will or add a codicil to it.

If you would like suitable wording for a codicil for your will we can supply you with a copy. You can request one by going to the Contact page  and choosing “codicil”from the subject dropdown.

It may be advisable to speak to you solicitor or financial advisor about this.